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Taste the Cycle

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Apr 16 '14


When the Gods wage war.

Myojins of Kamigawa - Gods of Theros - The Five

Apr 16 '14


THEROS | The Minor Gods

Apr 9 '14


THEROS | The Temples

Apr 8 '14

mangledremains asked:

If the Dictates are a cycle, I love them. If they're not, I will weep bitter tears and tear my garments at the hell of non-completion. And still love them.


They are a cycle.

Apr 7 '14


Magic: the Gathering - Journey to Nyx

Today’s round-up of ALL Journey to Nyx spoilers and previews along with new / returning mechanics / key word abilities on the MTG Realm blog -

I love the art for Extinguish all Hope. I wonder if there will be a cycle of 5 cards each depicting 3 gods.

Apr 2 '14


Magic: the Gathering - Full Monty

The latest installment of Planeswalker’s Guide has been posted to the mothersite and includes all five new gods for Journey into Nyx.  Check out the details and the exceptional illustrations on today’s post.

Minor gods (Journey into Nyx)
• Athreos, God of Passage (w/b)
• Iroas, God of Victory (w/r)
• Keranos, God of Storms (r/u)
• Kruphix, God of Horizons (g/u)
• Pharika, God of Affliction (g/b)

Feb 7 '14

I kept searching for the blue one of this cycle, but I didn’t see it. It seems to be going off the ten card cycle from Theros with off color activations. 

Jan 22 '14


Nyxborn Cycle from Born of the Gods

Jan 21 '14


Now that we have our 5 Allied gods of Theros from BNG, and our 5 mono colored gods of Theros, all we are waiting for is the 5 enemies in Journey into Nyx. Of the 10 so far, which are you devoted to?

Nov 27 '13

Emissaries of the Gods