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Taste the Cycle

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Aug 3 '14



I kind of hope to see this cycle reprinted in Khans of Tarkir. It also seems to fit the five different factions pretty damn well.

The Abzan Houses. Endurance. Main color is white. Dragon Scales gives vigilance and a bigger thoughness boost. Perfect for endurance.

The Jeskai Way. Cunning. Main color is blue. Dragon Wings gives flying. Very cunning.

The Sultai Brood. Ruthlessness. Main color is black. Dragon Shadow gives fear and a power boost. So ruthless, defenders don’t dare.

The Mardu Horde. Speed. Main color is red. Dragon Breath gives haste. Ultimate speed ability.

The Temur Frontier. Savagery. Main colour is green.Dragon Fangs gives an equal P/T boost and trample. Run right over the little critters, you beast.

Ok. But it won’t be reprinted. Because fear is out in favour of intimidate. It would also be weird to have Dragon Fangs go to Temur while Sultai’s symbol is the fang of the dragon. Or Dragon Wings to Jeskai while Mardu’s symbol is the wing of the dragon.


Calling it now: ophidian eye reprint.

Jul 18 '14


Lindsey Look’s Diamond Cycle

  • Marble Diamond
  • Sky Diamond
  • Charcoal Diamond
  • Fire Diamond
  • Moss Diamond

12 in by 9 in, oil on illustration board

If you liked this, check out the Mox Cycle by Volkan Baga

Jul 8 '14

And here’s the first five, all prepped and ready for being adorable.


And here’s the first five, all prepped and ready for being adorable.

Jul 4 '14


Commissioned set of 5 planeswalkers as the Guardians of the Galaxy characters! Rocket Raccoon is by far my favorite, but I think they came out alright. Gamora was the toughest, and I had to give her a new background because Elspeth’s was too busy and was clashing with the colors of the character. Overall, a challenging but fun commission.

I think Gamora is more of a Liliana, but fun idea!

Jul 2 '14

The M15 Pre-Release promos have been revealed! color will you choose?


The M15 Pre-Release promos have been revealed!

Which color will you choose?

Jul 2 '14


The Paragon Cycle with official art!

Jun 30 '14


All the Planeswalkers have been spoiled for M15! We have two reprints and a whopping FOUR new cards! What do you guys think? Who’s the most powerful and who falls flat?

Jun 26 '14


Painlands are coming back in M15!! What a day for lands, since we had Urborg earlier.

The most valuable of the painlands is Shivan Reef at $10 while the rest are around $3, although none come close to Urborg.

wow, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen these. 

Jun 26 '14

Do you think they’re working on a basic land cycle of planeswalkers?

Jun 25 '14


Magic: the Gathering - M15 Cycle

New Magic 2015 core set creature cycle revealed, based upon the older Sedge Troll card where the creature gets +1/+1 if you control a basic allied colour land and has an activated ability using that colour.

Sunblade Elf | Art by Lucas Graciano
Jorubai Murk Lurker , Art by Clint Clearley